chav slut hangs thongs on a tree

i love outdoor sex.


Sarahjane is one of the cutest chav sluts in thongs you can find,sweet face,cute smile and very big tits.
Sarah loves the outdoors and what place better than Bobbington woods where she has been seen a few times out for a bit of dogging.
This girl loves flashing and showing her gorgeous body off to anyone who wants to have a look so when she met woody in the woods it didn’t take long for her thongs to come off.
She hung them on the branch of a tree where they blowed in the wind just like a flag,while she got down to sucking and licking cock.
Well what a view!!!!there she was bent over while woody thrusted his huge cock deep inside her sweet wet pussy and willy and justin where there camera in hand to catch it just for all you dirty buggers out there…

Would you like to see this? I bet you would so you can all get hard and have a good wank, well take a visit to cause this is where all the dirty chavsluts in thongs can be seen having fun in and out of the filthy chav van…

The filthy chavs can also be seen in some HOT ACTION!! at where fucking and sucking and all sorts of filthy things happen at o 69….

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Another view through the letterbox…

Well justin and willy the two old dirty pervs couldn’t resist a peek through the letterbox and Tanya was in the kitchen just at the right moment.
She turned in surprise and spied them looking through but they had timed it just right she had fetched her toy out of the washer and was more than willing to use it for them.

This girl is so sexy and filthy she’ll make your cock sit up and beg!!
so have a look at the clip below and go visit  and have a gander at just what justinhole and willy stroker actually saw…

oh and i bet you the postman just loves this letterbox and probably has a peek each time he posts a letter,, (dirty bugger)……

go on have a peek yourself…….

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A big piece of candi…..

ooooh come smack my big arse....

This chav slut in thongs was certainly a very big girl and what justin and willy would term has an old slapper,but she certainly put on a gr8 show and used a big rampant rabbit in all her holes,she rammed it in her dirty cunt hole and thrust it right up her arsehole and licked it clean afterwards,yes a right old filthy slapper so if you like the older chav or a lot of meat on a girl she’s the one for you,wether you see her at chavleycourt or in the chav van your sure to go hard……

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A view to a chav slut in thongs…

What do you think justinhole and willystroker saw when they spied through a letterbox at chavley court,the two old pervs had a lovely surprise,

There she was bent over, her thongs on show under her very short skirt,she soon spied the dirty old gits and couldn’t resist teasing them by putting on a right filthy peep show.

Up on the unit she jumped and started to finger her sweet cunt hole with all her might, finding one of her dildos she soon rammed it up,her pussy getting wetter and wetter with every thrust.

Cor blimey justin and willy must have had right throbbing cocks and you will too if you go have a look at all the filthy dirty but downright sexy chav sluts in thongs at

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A very foxy chav slut in thongs..

hello boys....

Paige fox in no 69 chavley court,what more could justin and willy ask for but a very cute and very sexy
girl showing her fit body off in a fantastic set of underwear,which she didn’t keep on for very long cause she wanted to show them her sweet pussy hole geting fingered and her nice little clit getting frigged,
The fox soon showed her wild side and it wasn’t long before she came to a glorious climax which you can see at garanteed to set your pulse racing and your cocks throbbing……

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Amira makes the chav van rock..

This asian babe came back for more when justinhole and willystroker picked her up in the chav van she soon stripped down to her sexy underwear and got down to some gr8 fingering and fucking of her sweet asian pussy.
The van was rocking when she got hold of the neat dildo which had been hidden in the back just waiting for a lovely filthy chav slut to come and use, Amira is such a sweet girl but is just a sexy little tiger when it comes to showing what she can do.. see it all at a real turn on to get your cocks rock solid and ready for action……

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Holly blowjobs while wearing her black thongs..

What a sight to see in the front of the chav van a nice round arse with sexy black thongs right up the crack of it..

Holly kiss didn’t mind who saw her sexy thongs cause she was too busy giving woody nobbit a right old sucking and boy has he got a huge cock..

Holly loved it and took it deeper and deeper, she licked and sucked until he could not stand it any more and out came all the lovely cum all over her…

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Asian babe in pretty thongs…


Amira de leon a beautiful asian chick who was wearing some real sexy underwear when she visited chavley court and met justin and willy.
She soon got her kit off and played with her sweet chav pussy and you can bet justinhole kept her thongs to add to his and willys growing collection from all the dirty chav sluts in thongs who have had the pleasure of giving a sexy filthy show at she also had gr8 fun in the back of the chav van but you can see that in another story…….

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Tanya and Masie are at it again…

The two chav sluts in thongs are at it again after getting thrown out of a local pub for being drunk and rude justinhole and willystroker are at hand to pick them up in the chav van and take them to a local carpark for some gr8 sexy fun see the hot action at and get ready to have a wank at the very sight of these girls who know how to tease and have loadsa fun and VERY HOT!!! sex…….

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double thong fun with chav sluts Tanya and Masie..

These two chav sluts love getting each others thongs of and getting down to some fantastic girl on girl fun Tanya’s thong say lick my lolly and masie does just that,masie also makes her thongs dissapear right up into her pussy hole sounds like fun!! do you wanna see them in action? then be sure to visit chavleycourt for some hot!! fun!! with these two rude filthy and totally disgusting chav sluts in thongs….

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